We offer translations from English, French, and Spanish into German, as well as from German into English. High-quality translations require a high level of technical and cultural knowledge, as well as firm language skills and a good sense of linguistic style. Our staff acquired these skills during long periods living and working in the corresponding countries and through academic qualifications and work experience in our core areas of expertise: healthcare, pharmaceuticals, finance, IT and marketing.

Editing and Proofreading

Attention to detail and a good sense of linguistic style are our strong points. Our editors combine expert subject knowledge with language expertise and strong writing and editing skills to meet your editing needs. We gladly proofread or edit your own manuscripts or previously made translations, identifying formal or stylistic inconsistencies, and putting great emphasis on consistent usage of terminology.

Language Courses

We have extensive experience as language teachers with corporate and non-corporate customers, with a strong focus on Business English and Business German. We tailor our courses to your specific needs, with a strong emphasis on practical exercises, involving role plays and audio-visual materials, to name but two.


We are happy to take on the localization of multimedia content such as websites, as well as the subtitling of video material. In localization projects you will particularly benefit from our profound knowledge of the cultural characteristics of the countries concerned.